water treatment

We service all water softener brands and can get your unit working again, water softeners work on the exchange of ions with the resin and need to be flushed with brine to rejuvenate the media between back wash cycles. If your water is getting hard before your next regeneration cycle you need a service to make sure the valve is in good working order and the resin isn’t past its working life.


water softeners

All things plumbing and water treatment will service all media filters and iron removal if you have a carbon or sand media filter you need to service your valve regularly and change media when it has worn out, yes the sand will round out and not be as effective at stopping particles and the carbon looses its ability to absorb tannin’s and other impurity’s from the water when it is worn out.


filter media & resin


If you need a tank filter media change we can supply the media and extract the old material for disposal as well as valve parts for servicing, carbon, sand, mixed bed, water softener resin, iron removal, dmi65, birm, magnesium green sand.

chemical dosing equipment

Chemical dosing pumps for pH correction and disinfection of treated water require regular servicing and maintenance to make sure they are working in optimum condition as well as analyzing boards to take readings accurately and dose precisely.

If any water treatment equipment is connected to town water supply you need a licensed and insured plumber to protect you from poor workmanship and meet qbcc regulations. Sales service and installation